• Wish you could be happier, and have joy that lasts?
      • Need to be calmer, more at peace with yourself and others?
      • Want to get unstuck and move forward in important areas of your life?
      • Need more confidence, assertiveness, be able to speak up for your needs?
      • Longing to change a pattern, attitude, beliefs that don't serve you?

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      • Are you dating/ cohabiting/ in a 'complicated' relationship?
      • Pre-committed or engaged but struggling, a bit unsure of your future together?
      • Married or otherwise committed but not feeling connected or as happy as you used to be?
      • Wishing you could put the SPARK back in, re-energize your relationship?
      • Empty Nesters, and not sure if you want to stay together or not?
      • Struggling to overcome infidelity or broken trust?

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    • Would you like to explore with me how to get closer to a more satisfying life and relationship?  Contact me to learn about individual or couples  coaching!!!

      Annette Carpien


      610-391-1994, Eastern Time Zone

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