• About Annette Carpien, PCC

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    About Annette
    Meet the coach for couples who want to be happier together ... and for men and women who want more joy and less stress in their lives!

    As a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) (750 + coaching hours) with the International Coach Federation (ICF), and a Master Certified Coach for Singles and Couples with the Relationship Coaching Institute, I am well trained to facilitate the growth of your individual life and your relationship, that is, positive forward-momentum towards your vision, hopes and goals, if that is what you want. I deeply value the opportunities I get to positively impact the lives and futures of many individuals and couples.

    On a more personal level, I knew I had found my calling and life purpose when I discovered the field of Relationship Coaching. This field, this career is such a good fit for me and enables me to work towards a world of healthy, thriving, satisfying lives and relationships, one individual, one couple, one group at a time.
    My husband and I, now married 43 years, had disconnected and struggled enormously for many years while raising our 2 children. Back then, thinking about leaving my marriage, I instead hired my own coach. Through our work together, I discovered that I, myself, could positively influence the way my husband and I interacted.

    With help from my coach, I developed a “Loving Leader” attitude to bring about more loving and healthy ways for us to interact. I found these skills, clarity and perspectives empowering for my life, my marriage and for my career.

    And now and for the past 25 of our 43 married years, our life together has become increasingly joyful, juicy, fun and lovingly connected.
    When we have upsets occasionally, we (mostly I know how to fully address the issue and not only resolve it, but together, come to feel closer and more understood as a result. Then we can laugh at ourselves, and it becomes another one of our personal jokes about our lives together.

    In fact, my husband Todd, after ranting and raving or falling into another negative behavior, will, a short time later, ask me "OK, how many asshole points do I get for that?" We laugh, and then we make plans for when he will give me another massage as his way of making it up to me. He gets many more asshole points than I do, but I do get a few, and give him a massage in return.

    By studying and personally experiencing this path towards healing, reconnection and thriving in life and together, I can truly support 1 or both in the couple in the growth towards loving, forward momentum.

    When my self-berating voices begin to hound me, I now know how to dismiss and clear them. This is a power we all have and can develop. These skills and tools have helped me to live with joy in myself and how to thrive in life and in my marriage and family. These ‘secrets’ are available to you in our work together. That truly is my calling and life purpose.

    Would you like to move towards thriving, delighting and growing as well? If so, please contact me.

    • My husband and I have 2 adult sons, 1 married son, daughter in law and 2 precious grandson, with whom we are regularly involved. Our younger son is also engaged and we are thrilled.

    • We love ballroom, swing, country and Latin dancing, and traveling the world together.
    • We lived as a family for many years in spiritually-oriented intentional communities, practicing yoga and meditation.

    • I practice yoga, meditation and use spiritual practices to keep wonderfully calm yet activated, and working towards a world of love and justice.

    • I live a vegan, dessert-free, alcohol-free life of choice, and can help you choose any of this for yourself, if that would be of value to you.

    • I began my coaching career, after working for more than 25 years in the corporate and training worlds.

    • My personal life coach in 2003 and 2004 helped me to clarify the legacy I wanted to leave in the realm of relationships:

    Achieved PCC (Professional Certified Coach), by the International Coach Federation, 750 coaching hours.

    * Marriage Coach for the Save the Marriage process, under Dr. Lee Baucom

    • Master level certification for coaching Singles and also for coaching Couples with Relationship Coaching Institute
    • Mentor training
    • Life Coach training with Coach Training Alliance
    • NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) 20 hour course, plus additional trainings
    • Family Coach Training with Diana Sterling, The Parent as Coach Approach
    • Landmark Education’s Leadership, Communication program, Advanced courses,
    o plus completion of ‘Breakthrough’, ‘Integrity’ and ‘Commitment’ seminars
    • Post graduate Montessori training and 5 years of teaching
    • Bachelor’s degree from University of Buffalo, NY, with teaching certification
    • Kripalu Yoga Inner Quest Intensive, and many other personal and spiritual growth programs

    Relationship/Marriage Education & Coaching Programs:

    • Relationship Coaching Institute’s full curriculum for coaching Singles and for coaching Couples

    • Prepare/Enrich assessment tool for couples (trained facilitator)

    • PREP certification in this world famous Prepare and Relationship Enhancement Program
    • How to Avoid Marrying a Jerk/Jerkette (certification in this Singles program)
    • DISC INDRA relationship style assessment (certification)
    • Toastmaster’s (Public Speaking & Leadership on-going training) since 2006.

    I strongly believe in (and love) public speaking clubs, where, together we have a structure for practicing and improving many forms of public speaking, and attaining many levels of achievement.

    o Achieved Advanced Communicator Silver (30+ speeches) (level 3 of 4),
    o including many motivational, healthy relationship and spiritually oriented speeches
    o Working towards Advanced Communicator Gold (40 + speeches)
    o Achieved Advanced Leadership Bronze (level 2 of 3)
    o Past Area Governor
    o Past President (2x)
    o helped club achieve Select Distinguished award
    o have facilitated Club, Area and Division level contests
    I welcome singles and couples who are gay, lesbian and transgender, anyone interested in personal growth and development, and living with integrity in their lives and relationships.