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    • BUILD CONNECTION: Wish you and your significant other could connect in a more loving way and feel an upsurge of happiness?
    • OVERCOME OBSTACLES & HURTS: What if you two were on the same team working towards resolving hurts and moving forward?
    • FREE YOURSELF: If you could free yourself from resentments, hurts, or fears that no longer serve you, how would that impact your life?
    • STOP FIGHTING: Would you like to stop fighting with yourself or with others, and feel more valued and appreciated?
    • GROW YOUR CONFIDENCE: If you could grow in your own self-assertiveness, how would you be at work, in your personal life, within yourself?
    • COMMUNICATE EFFECTIVELY: What if both of you actually felt heard and understood, could you work towards WIN-WIN resolutions?

    These, and many other situations and patterns like these, could all benefit from personal or relationship coaching.

    Part of the human condition is to wish we were better than we are, and fight with ourselves in so many areas.  What if you could be growing and working towards the YOU that YOU long for, and towards the relationship where you both feel valued, appreciated, cared about?  The inner growth process and the growing relationship process feed each other, when you have a path and a plan, and a coach every step of the way that would serve you. 

    What is in your way to getting started on a path and plan for the life and relationship you want?  Let's talk about it!

    How coaching with Annette by phone or Skype works:

    Coaching by phone gives you the convenience of being geographically anywhere on the planet, while as successful as in-person work.

    Coaching by video skype gives you the advantage of being in the privacy and convenience of your location, while seeing each other virtually in-person.

    Coaching is always paid for in advance, by selecting the duration package that will serve you best.  Contact me for further information.

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